If your interested in real time Web Analytics you should do yourself a favour and check out both of these.

The first is open source and you can run yourself provided you have PHP and MySQL available. It’s JavaScript based tracking like Google Analytics but you have full control over your own data. You could potentially use their API to pull your own data into an AIR client or even Excel.

So check out Piwik by clicking here 

The second is Clicky, a pay for service that looks very polished and even lets you analyse Twitter traffic. Although apparently written for bloggers, it excels at good old pure web statistics too. I really like the way it lets you filter data on just about anything as well as site navigation, it’s simple and straight forward.


I also tried out their Twitter support and sure enough my tweet appeared on their demo site immediately. Try yourself by including the #clicky tag in a tweet.


Check out Clicky here

I’ve also noticed a lot of sites doing any kind of data visualization are turning to Open Flash Charts for their charting needs. You can learn all about it here.